Welcome to information and tips for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases

Mr. Kartchner is appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to administer Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Southern Arizona.  He is required by law to determine if there are assets that can be liquidated in order to pay creditors in those cases.  Each debtor seeking Chapter 7 relief is required by law to provide complete and accurate information concerning all assets, debts, and other financial information, and to cooperate with the Trustee in the administration of the bankruptcy case.  Each debtor is also required to attend an initial meeting.

Mr. Kartchner is not able to provide legal advice in cases he is administering, and those filing bankruptcy are encouraged to consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney to seek advice concerning their rights and obligations in connection with the bankruptcy case.

This site contains information that may be helpful to those wanting to comply with their obligations under federal bankruptcy law and ensure the efficient and timely administration of the bankruptcy case.